Weekend tech reading: CPU caches explained, TCP/IP may be replaced, Milky Way is in a super galaxy


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Recently we discussed how caches work, what the difference is between L1 and L2, and the various design elements that determine how fast (and how effective) a CPU's cache is. Today, we're going to take one step further and explore......

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Milk Way is in a Super Galaxy
No, It's in a super cluster and we have known about super clusters for decades. Until recently, for reasons stated in that video, there was not a clear definition as to what a super cluster is. Now that we can clearly define what these structures are we named the one the MilkyWay belongs to Laniakea.
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It really catches your mind between the new TCP standards and finding out we are not in the centre of the milky way. Can't even put your finger on such peculiar writing.
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If a cluster was a cancer cluster, perhaps you could prevent bone and digestive cancer by not eating acid, an irritant. Cigarettes have ammonia in them, so remove that and you might prevent some lung cancer.


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I thought we are at the unfashionable end of the spiral galaxy.
Think of us being in the "suburbs", of the Milky Way. That should help you, and the rest of us, feel better about ourselves.

There is supposedly a "black hole", at the center of every galaxy. You wouldn't want to live next to a black hole, now would you?