Weekend tech reading: Google Music to launch sans Sony, Warner

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Nov 13, 2011
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  1. Google Music launching without Sony and Warner Google sent invitations today for a press event, to be held in Los Angeles, where the company is expected to add downloads to its…

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  2. lol.

    "US court verdict 'huge blow' to privacy, says fomer WikiLeaks aide Icelandic MP and former WikiLeaks volunteer Birgitta Jonsdottir has slammed the decision by US courts to open her Twitter account to the US authorities and is taking her case to the Council of Europe. On Thursday a US judge ruled Twitter must release the details of her account and those of two other Twitter users linked to WikiLeaks."

    some informations are for the consumption of government authorized agencies only but wikileaks exposed it to the general public.

    now it's the time of the government to do the opposite the legal way and the wikileaks volunteer objects.

    for crying out loud.

    'nuff said.
  3. Wendig0

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    I've been testing the Firefox beta for the last couple days, and so far I haven't seen any improvement over 7.0. It has crashed on me 5 or 6 times already, and isn't noticeably faster. I've been filling out feedback forms all weekend.
  4. gwailo247

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    Yeah, I liked this one:

    "We have to have the same civil rights online as we have offline. Imagine if the US authorities wanted to do a house search at my home, go through my private papers. There would be a hell of a fight. It's absolutely unacceptable."

    But I guess if one of the Wikileaks volunteers became disillusioned with their cause and hacked into her account and took that information and gave it to the gov't, it would be ok?

    Like you said, they are respecting her civil rights and following due process of the law. Its not as if they sent in some SEALs into her house, and held up a gun to her head and forced her to type in her twitter password, or they hacked into her computer (or Twitter) and stole it.
  5. TJGeezer

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    Seems to me all these objections to the Wikileaks position boil down to: If the government does it, and all forms are followed, it's okay. If the government stays within the law there are no grounds to object.

    Excuse me? That's the reasoning of the Supreme Court when it turned down compelling new evidence and allowed Texas to execute an arguably innocent man. All the forms were followed. You really think that makes it okay?

    I guess it would sound more convincing if I'd seen any evidence at all that Wikileaks had done actual harm to the U.S. government or its military that the two haven't already trumped many times over. The only harm Wikileaks has done is embarrass various bureaucrats, politicians and halfwit generals by shining a light on their attitudes and activities. No strategic damage ever shown. Ever.

    Anyone who can watch the corporate-owned U.S. government and the war industry-owned Pentagon, and think a repressive response by them is fine if they follow the legal forms, has entirely too much confidence in the U.S. Congress to make laws in the interests of the public.

    I guess 9% of the American public have similar confidence in Congress, according to recent approval ratings Nancy Pelosi quoted on TV. She seemed quite proud of the 40% approval her party achieved when in control. A 40+% high. Right. Yippee.

    Go head Wikileaks, shine all the light you can into their dark corners. Embarrass the heck out of them. And protect your sources all you can.

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