Weekend tech reading: Why Microsoft's tablet can't fail

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Oct 21, 2012
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  1. After stripping us of our cellphones and anything else that can take pictures, a Microsoft employee who does not stop smiling directs us into a blank, white rectangle of a room, where Panos Panay, the general manager of Microsoft Surface,...

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  2. dividebyzero

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    From the Xbit AMD article:

    One might have thought with Win8 and RT about to drop for the masses that AMD might have thought to itself a while back; "Hey, this could be the ideal time to integrate our low power APU into some high profile tablet designs and get a free PR ride on Win8's coattails...mmm, what to do?"
    Obviously, AMD's magic 8-ball came up with: " Screw Brazos, Kabini and Temash, leave that market to Clover Trail Atom, Tegra and ARM, and concentrate on overproduction of desktop APU...we'll catch up when we're good and ready"
    Evolution of Apple ad's 1975-2002 ? Why stop at 2002?...

    Evolution of Apple ad's 1975-2012....From Think Different to iRobot
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  3. hahahanoobs

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    ^No doubt. It's too bad that AMD would rather get easy wins against Intel iGPU's, than develop something new that actually requires R&D.
  4. Burty117

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    The read about making fuel with water vapor and air was quite interesting, if they can make it efficient enough that could genuinely replace oil based fuel as we know it.
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  5. ET3D

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    New Scientist needs a scientist. Or a clue. It started with the wonderful sentence "prototypes that can store 35 terabytes of data - or about 35 million books' worth of information" -- yeah, like that needed explaining, or helped in any way. But then: "the trade body Information Storage Industry Consortium show that although hard drives will be able to store 3 terabytes a piece in a decade's time" -- say what? When did they say that, in 2002?

    Okay, the topic is interesting, and there are some interesting details, but can they please get a real technology reporter?
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  6. jobeard

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    Hmm - - let's see
    "We're there because Microsoft Stores happen to be the only physical locations on earth that you'll be able to buy a Surface tablet,"
    I call that a single point of failure - - no access - - no purchase.
    But hey - - it can't fail, right?

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