Weekend tech reading: Why Sony turned down Kinect


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Sony: Why we turned down Kinect Is PlayStation Move merely an evolution of the Wii? Is it a poor substitute for the controller-free Kinect? Or is it the beginning of the future of motion controllers? For Anton Mikhailov, a software engineer at Sony, along with Dr. Richard Marks, one of the brains behind the snazzy tech, Move isn't a motion controller at all, and was never designed to be. Speaking to Eurogamer, Mikhailov details how Move came to be, discusses where it will go next, and explains why Sony turned down Kinect in 2002. Eurogamer

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In response to the "Copyright lawyers sue lawyer who helped copyright defendants" article:

"Weaver is apparently claiming that the 19 cases filed using the self-help package have cost his firm $5000 and he wants Syfert to pay."

....HAHAHAHAHA!!! Good luck Weaver. That'll never happen. Now, you're losing thousands to have to actually go to court for these 19 cases, and you're going to spend thousands more to work up a lawsuit that's just going to get thrown out...no, that doesn't sound stupid at all. Not even the greatest lawer in the universe could possibly win that case.

If this keeps up, next thing we know, computer stores will be suing arthors of those "for dummies" books that write about how to fix your own computer. Slightly different situation, but same concept.


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Well if apple can put 960x640 on a 3.5" inch display then there's no reason the new ipad can't be 1920x1080. If apple released a 1080p tablet I'd pick it up in an instant.


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The first fps I remember is from the nes game contra, mm well more like 2d fps on the second stage, but yeah props to the wolfenstein creator, hes the reason I finished my school work in class! We had a computer in there and the first students to finish got to play for the remainder of the class.


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How can they challenge the 'right to a lawyer or legal representation' for any defendant? That is the most stupidest thing I've read for a while. Bad luck to them and I hope they get kicked pretty badly in the courts for that. By the way, one doesn't need to hire a lawyer, if they are capable enough to understand 'the law' and 'have reasonable knowledge/grasp on case law'.


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HAJAHAHA now the Sony ppl Downed Kinet because it wasn´t great..!! hajaha now after M$ is making lots of money and X360 is outselling the PS3. Saying this is admitin that eventually they unconsiusly HEPL M$ in the end. jajaj funny, after you diss a Hot looking Girl, after your nemesis pick her up you yell on the streets that you dump her.. and for what!


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I bought a Core 2 Quad the year when the i's were still in extreme editions only, and I regret having not waited out, but I'll probably stick to it as long as I can. For that reason, I can totally believe the LGA 775 statistic.