Weekend tech reading: Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" hits RTM

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Sep 16, 2012
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  1. Chalk up another one for those Windows Phone tipsters. Back in July, I heard whispers that Microsoft would release to manufacturing (RTM) the Windows Phone 8 operating system in September. The plan, as of then, was that the first Windows...

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  2. dividebyzero

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    MGM Presents...Metro 2033

    2033...the world has been reduced to rubble, A few score thousand survivors live on, not knowing whether they are the only ones left on earth. They live in the Moscow New York Metro Subway- It is humanity's last refuge. VDNKh Pelham Parkway is the northernmost inhabited station on its line It is a world without a tomorrow, with no room for dreams, plans, hopes. Feelings have given way to instinct - the most important of which is survival. Survival at any price.. It was one of the Subway's best stations and still remains secure. But now a new and terrible threat has appeared. Artyom (Taylor Kitsch Lautner), a young man living in VDNKh Pelham, is given the task, of penetrating to the heart of the Metro Subway while wearing as many items of advertisers merchandise as possible, to the legendary Polis Grand Central by Miller (Clint Eastwood) , to alert everyone to the awful danger and to get help and save the marginally independant (but ultimately in need of a guy to rescue her) girl (Kirsten Stewart) who used to live across the tracks between the generator room and the men's toilets . He, with help from the Ranger ex-Navy SEAL Ulman (Channing Tatum) holds the future of his native station in his hands, the whole Subway - and maybe the whole of humanity!

    TAGS: Romantic comedy, Coming of age, Vampires
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  3. Lurker101

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    Isn't that more than enough reason to have everybody involved dragged out into the streets and shot?
  4. ramonsterns

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    If it was an anime in this current anime industry the tags would be

    TAGS: Romance, Harem, Magical Girl, Comic Relief Sidekick
  5. DanUK

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    That Cosmo article was really interesting! Scary to see how ill thought out the security procedures of some companies are.

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