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Weird keyboard problem (shift+e doesn't work)

By cjmagnum
Apr 12, 2012
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  1. Ok i don't know how this happened, or why its happening but the past day my shift-e will not work (i.e. i cannot have a capital e) only way i can get a capital e is putting it temporarily on caps lock. originally shift+e would pull up a folder containing ASUS something, seemed like it was its cloud but unsure. can't remember the name of it due to uninstalling it trying to fix the problem (never used it before) it would also try to log me in with it but i always exited. Now that it is uninstalled shift+e is the equivalent as clicking off the current window (not the focus of the cursor) also while typing this problem i noticed the tab key does the same problem. this is right after a windows update i believe, not sure if that effected it or not. someone please help this is very annoying to me thank you
  2. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    I assume you have tried another keyboard, and found the same behaviour?

    If you do not have any particular application as the 'focus' (meaning where your PC is expecting input), then Shift-E will act as if you have double-clicked on any icon on your desktop which happens to have a title starting with 'e'

    Does that help you ?

    Another explaination is that you do have some application running - which you may not be aware of - and that has some code which is triggered by pressing shift-e. If that sounds a bit like a malware infection, it may well be......Fire up Windows task manager and have a look at the processes tab.

    As to you mentioning something about ASUS, you seem to be referring to a website page starting. Now ASUS is a motherboard manufacturer of course, which may be powering your PC. If so, read the technical manual for your motherboard and see if it mentions any specific keyboard commands to access the bios or similar.

    You have failed to supply a fair amount of detail. What is your OS and SP level? In what software does this behaviour manifest itself, emails, internet browser, word, excel, instant messaging or what?

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