Welcome screen followed by blue screen followed by desktop

By Morian
Jan 31, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    I recently had to install a new wireless printer and didn't realise for some time that it had created a blue screen problem.

    The computer would boot, go to the Welcome screen and then on to a light blue screen before the desktop eventually appeared.

    I determined after a diagnostic startup in msconfig that the blue screen was caused by a Service or Startup entry and began working my way through the Services entries unticking 10 at a time, applying the change and then resarting the computer. This revealed that when the "Workstation" entry was unticked and the computer restarted, the blue screen disappeared and the computer went straight from the Welcome screen to the desktop. However there was also an error message which said that a network drive could not be connected. Clicking on the error message showed that the printer software had created a new drive "z". Right clicking on the entry and disconnecting the drive as well as reticking the Workstation entry in msconfig solved the problem.

    Hope this helps with some of those blue screen problems.

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