Western Digital External Hard Drive Will Not Switch Off

Oct 2, 2015
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  1. Hello,

    I've had a WD 1tb external hard drive for several years now. Recently I've been unable to turn the power off on it using the on/off switch in the back. I will hold the power switch like I normally would turning it off. Instead of the power going off it just stays on and the blue light in front starts flashing. I mainly would like for the drive to be shut off at night before I put my pc into sleep mode. Mainly to conserve energy and to prevent the hard drive from over heating and or crashing. A few hours ago I decided to just unplug the external's power chord and shut it off before sleep mode. When I plugged it back in and took my pc out of sleep mode, a window came up and said Windows needed to restart. After the restart Windows started running a tad bit shifty. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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