What do I need to transfer old video

By Modena
May 3, 2010
  1. Hey I was wondering how and what I would need to transfer old video tapes into my computer. The tapes are from this older camera that records MP120 8 tapes, I still have a working camera that can play them through simple audio/video connection on my TV. But the tapes are deteriorating losing sounds/color and some even all the video completely, so I want to back them up on my computer and put them on DVD. I imagine what I need is some adapter and software I just have no idea of what or where I can find it, so any info would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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    Does your camera that can play them to a TV also have a Firewire output? If so, you can use Firewire to transfer them to the computer (might have to buy a firewire card (and possibly cable) if your computer doesn't have one) and record to the hard drive with Windows Movie Maker.

    If it doesn't have firewire out, you need a video in on your computer "Media Center" computers have those, otherwise you'll need a tuner card that has RCA in. I've never done it through a TV tuner card. I imagine its slightly more difficult because you have to run the audio to your sound card as well, and I don't know if WMM handles video from a tuner card (probably, but like I said I've never tried).
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    No this camera is ancient it doesn't have firewire, ok so I need to get a tv tuner card thanks for the response. I was thinking that was what I needed but I thought there might be something else I could use.
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