What exactly is a rolling restart?

  1. Hi guys,

    OK this came up in a thread on here earlier (https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic155580.html) in regards to a Wireless router that was dropping the signal for approx 30seconds every 70 seconds or so.

    One of the solutions suggested was a Rolling Restart.

    Now i have heard of this maybe 2-3 times before but never had to implement one or know enough about it to tell someone what it is or how to start it. Maybe it is something simple and know as another name i am unsure but i do know you can get the software to do this from www.vmsoftware.com

    I would very much appreciate it if someone could help by letter me know exactly what is meant by a rolling restart and what it does.

    Thanks for you help in advance

  2. jamesodriscoll

    jamesodriscoll TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    think there is more than one version of a rolling restart "very embarrased"

    I DO know what one is and do it on a regular basis

    sorry for time wasting guys!!!!

    any chance someone can close this thread please?
  3. jerry21locke

    jerry21locke TS Rookie

    Why ask to close this thread?
    Rolling Restart is tracking all the list of terminal servers one by one and disable logons.
    Its a cycle of disabling logons, wait until no one is logged in then reboot. Repeat and repeat until all the list is done.
  4. jamesodriscoll

    jamesodriscoll TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    Lol thanks for that.

    the thread in which this came up in however was referring to a diff RR one i do many times !!! for some reason i just couldn't think what it was but thanks for the info!! :)

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