What failure? Cyberpunk 2077 helped CD Projekt break its revenue and profit records


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They could have kept smashing record if they released a finished game instead of a rushed game. Their record is tarnished. Pretty sure many people won't be as likely to pre-order their next game. People should not pre order in any case. *****s.
Unfortunately, suckers will STILL pre-order.

RIP, the true spirit of gaming.


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Future updates will make it a much better game than what it is today. Too bad it ruined the reputation of the studio, but I guess this is the result of their mistakes.


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Hey I know it sucks, but as long as they keep working on it and fixing it up it's making the best of a crappy situation. I just really hope the devs can get some free time.
Remember it's not their fault things ended the way they did. It's management's fault, but the devs are suffering repairing this game and I feel the storyline has totally changed and people are forgetting that! We need to be empathetic to how crappy its been for the developers!