What iOS 13 will mean to you


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According to bgr.com iOS 13 on your iPad will:

* iPadOS supports external storage: including external drives, USB drives, and SD cards.
That’s USB-C connectivity for the latest iPad Pros and Lightning for older iPad models.

* The new Files app will look and behave a lot like Finder on Mac, which means you’ll have an easier time moving files around and even previewing their contents.

* rich metadata for each file and folder as well, similar to macOS.

* also supports quick actions that will let you rotate and mark up items, as well as turn them into PDF files on the spot.

* The Document Scanner will let you create copies of your documents and place them wherever you want to store them on the iPad.

* Support for zipping and unzipping files is also included, and

* you’ll be able to create local folders on the iPad

* share folders via iCloud Drive

* support in Files to connect to home or work servers via SMB (like Mapped Drives).
Starting to act like a desktop system!

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