What is mobile computing framework?

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Feb 26, 2014
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  1. I know what mobile computing is, but, what does a "framework" in this case mean? I have been asked to install a mobile computing framework and I'm not sure exactly I know what he means or he knows what he's talking about. Links/suggestions are appreciated.
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    "State-of-the-art mobile computing environments must deal with scarce and dynamically varying resources-in particular, the network quality of service. Applications which execute in such environments need to adapt to the dynamic operating conditions in order to preserve the illusion of seamlessness for the end-user as far as possible. The paper proposes a framework for adaptation which provides applications with runtime support for quality of service negotiation, monitoring, and notification. Applications only need to specify the policy of adaptation at a high level, and are shielded from the mechanics of adaptation. The paper describes the design and implementation of the framework of adaptation as a part of the Prayer mobile computing environment"...
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    Many thanks for the response. Is there a way I find out about this paper?
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    Other types of frameworks include things like PHP, Jquery and webkit. The concept of a framework is to have the application programmed into the framework APIs, and let the framework do its stuff to get to the lower levels, eg: a file path in PHP is has the syntax Unix dir/subdir/filename even thought we all know that windows uses the backslash dir\subdir\filename. The translation from / -> \ is performed within PHP and the application is immune from this difference.

    "mobile framework" would handle the difference between PC clickable links and smartphone touch links. Some things just can't be mapped nicely, eg: mouse over and hovers are useless on touch screen devices. There are many subtle changes required to properly support touch devices.

    "mobile computing framework" - - hmm; My first reaction to that phrase would be to attempt to get Microsoft Office Suite to run within a smartphone.

    If your manager has asked this of you, by all means get a clarification:
    "Excuse me, but I don't want to go down the wrong alley on this request wasting time and money - - can you give me some specifics of what you are expecting please?"​

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