What is the Safest Web Browser? Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari Comparison Chart


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Your Internet browser is the lid on Pandora’s box. A window to the madness of cyberspace. Visit the wrong website, click the wrong link, download the wrong file, and you’ll find out how effective that window is at protecting you.

The trouble with this article

The true security differences in these browsers are nitpicky. I can safely recommend using any browser in this roundup (except for Safari on Windows) because the differences don’t mean a whole lot as long as you practice good security habits.FULL ARTICLE


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IE was the most exploited as every Windows system came with it and had lots of time to be studied for its faults.

The B I G G E S T security issue with browsers is - - the user! Where you surf and what you download are the major hazards today.
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I would not mention any of these browsers as a secured ones. If you want privacy - use Tor. It doesn't track your searches and visited websites, moreover it hides your IP address and changes it any time you want.