What is this cable called (here is a pic)

By yyiiyyii
Apr 20, 2008
  1. What is the cable called (here is a pic)


    also is there a cable that has these connections on one end and a coax cable connection on the other. I want to hook a dvd player to a old type of tv with the stanard cable ready thing in the back
  2. kimsland

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    I've got one in my hands right now (I went though all the drawers to find it !)

    It has the 3 connectors as above, and a coax plug on the other end; and also a power adaptor joined to it too (I used it a while ago, on my old tv and worked perfectly.
    Written on the data plug is "RF-Unit Auto switch VHF/UHF"
    They must exist somewhere on the web (try Ebay or Google) Mind you I don't even want mine !
  3. vnf4ultra

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    The yellow cable is composite video(sometimes referred to as "A/V"). The red and white are right and left channel audio respectively. To go between composite and coaxial you need an RF modulator, which is common in most any electronics store. You're favorite local electronics store, big box store, or even walmart should have them in stock. Here's an example.
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