What is your favorite PC game?

There is a lot of games that I really love to play World of Warcraft, EVE Online, ESO, Runescape, generally all kind of MMO games.


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Too many to list but lately it's been plenty of BATTLETECH from HBS along with FALLOUT 4 and DYING LIGHT. Oh and a whole lot of Warhammer 40k stuff such as WARHAMMER 40,000 GLADIUS, WARHAMMER 40,000 SANCTUS REACH, WARHAMMER 40,000 ARMAGEDDON, WARHAMMER 40,000 MECHANICUS etc.

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Don't play much games these days but I'm into a few city building / drug wars type games that pay you to play. Let's see how sustainable they are.


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Call of duty and assassin creed both are my favourite series both are action and strategy required games. playing COD online are the reason for my migraine issue. be ready for that if you wanna play like me
Hello, every this is my all time favorite topic to discuss. Well. I am new over and looking to open with all. This is the best topic to start with. I am Bill and like to play various video game series.
I like to play Mario, COD, PUBG, FIFA, and many more.:)


This is going back some because I haven't been playing for years. My last favorite game was the original FEAR for pc. When the game makers in general started taking the gore out of games and focusing completely on super G rated multiplayer only. I just stopped buying games and hardware for the most part. I tried a console for a bit. Found that horrible on every level :poop: and quit that too lol. I'm waiting for a really good first person shooter for adults to come out before I get back into it.
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Terminal Velocity, Descent, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom from the old DOS days are my favorites.

But some more 'recent' ones like Bioshock and the new Doom from 2016 are also some serious contenders!

To be honest, the only upcoming game that makes me really interested and I'm awaiting the most is Doom Eternal!


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Two of my favourite games of all time are NFS Underground 2, and then Return to Krondor, an ancient game that I doubt you can get these days. It's a fantasy turn-based RPG that occurs in the world created by Raymond E. Feist, and your main character is Jimmy the Hand, a character that comes straight from his books, though aged a bit.

I loved Betrayal at Krondor, yes very ancient :)
I have a few games that I like and I want to know what you guys like so I can check them out? The more games I know the more games I can play. Please give me some feedback on this and let me know what you like! ^-^
Bookworm Adventures is my most favorite. It could be considered a word game of strategy. I have the first two installments. I purchased The Wordy Word Bundle from Wal-mart several years ago, comes in a classy cd case. I still have this on my shelf in fine condition. The Wordy Word Bundle has 3 games included Bookworm Deluxe, Bookworm Adventures 1 and Bookworm Adventures 2. I'm now waiting on Bookworm Adventures 3. Been waiting for several years now!
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