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What is your favorite PC game?

By YuriLoverChick ยท 157 replies
Aug 23, 2011
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  1. EClyde

    EClyde TS Evangelist Posts: 1,611   +575

    Favorites change. 1st Doom, then Duke...then etc
  2. Hellbishop

    Hellbishop TS Rookie Posts: 17   +9

    The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall. Not as playable as when it first came out back in the 1990s due to the aging interface it has many things most games no longer have and never did which still makes it worth playing. Its also free from Bethesda.

    Dying Light is another all time favorite. For me it captures the essence of zombie movies to the tee. Playing it the first time I felt like a teenager again at the movie theater in 1980 but this time I was playing the movie and dare I say living it.

    A few more I could talk all day about are:

    Fallout 3
    Fallout 4
    Doom 1-2-3 and the reboot.
    Company Of Heroes 1+2 and all the expansions.
    Defense Grid 1+2
    Dark Quest 1+2
    Legend Of Grimrock 1+2
    Fall Of The Dungeon Guardians
    Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon
    Warhammer 40,000 Sanctus Reach
    Warhammer Dawn of War 1-2-3
    Warhammer Space Wolf
    Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch Enhanced Edition
    Space Hulk Ascension
    All the Mechwarrior games
    Slay Away Camp
    Don't Starve
    Grim Dawn
    Darkest Dungeon
    Might And Magic 6-7-8 and even 9. Still trying to get into 10 but its rough going.
    State Of Decay Year One
    Left4Dead 1+2
    Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
    Rogue Wizards
    Plants vs Zombies
    Wolfenstein every single sequel since the first game.

    And so much more...
  3. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Guru Posts: 951   +168

    Tribes ascended, Dirty Bomb.
  4. amyacker

    amyacker TS Rookie

    Dota 2. Have completed multiple times and can confirm that Cave Story is 10/10 master piece, possibly best indie game ever made.
  5. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Guru Posts: 951   +168

    Is it true or not an xbox One-360 controller can be used to move about and make action calls just like FF tatics or any other stragetic console games ?
    If thats the case I may give it a run, but using a keyboard to do all that keeps me away from it.
    It reminds me of Dawn of war 2 War Hammer 40,000.
  6. Elmoo

    Elmoo TS Rookie

    Minecraft ftw (the only downside is: it costs money)
  7. Patrick Fraser

    Patrick Fraser TS Rookie

    My favorite PC game is classic doom but 2016 is is quite good too.:cool::p
    EClyde likes this.
  8. delrey

    delrey TS Booster Posts: 169   +48

    My all time favorite PC game is Battlefield 2142. I originally played on a Sempron 3000+ (I think it was that model) built by eMachines with a 8600GT. Brings back memories.
  9. Technoty

    Technoty TS Rookie

    I like strategy games like Starcraft.
  10. SmarticleCo

    SmarticleCo TS Member

    Gold rush the game
  11. Ryan Stevens

    Ryan Stevens TS Rookie

    My favorite PC game is Counter-Strike.
  12. MrJim

    MrJim TS Rookie

    Far cry 3
    EClyde likes this.
  13. Selena Anderson

    Selena Anderson TS Rookie

    My all-time favourite is Crysis series. I like its shooting, gameplay, environments and most important story.
  14. Ethair

    Ethair TS Rookie

    All time biggest return on investment: Starcraft 2
    unforgettable memories in hotseat: HOMM 3
  15. Zosoninja

    Zosoninja TS Rookie

    Having fun with evil within 2
  16. Zosoninja

    Zosoninja TS Rookie

    mine unforgettable memories were with HOMM 1 and later 4. Dont really like homm 3, although it has the best gameplay I just cant deal with the dull colour palette and serious graphics.
    Still waiting for a decent homm game to be released in the future, it isnt hard they are just complicating the simple, they just need to make and 2D HD game with colourful graphics and good animations, fast AI (not like heroes 5 where you wait for an hour for computer to play) and with ranked multiplayer (with maps for 2-4 players and games that finish in an hour or so)
  17. Zosoninja

    Zosoninja TS Rookie

    yeah I had fun with sims until I get a wife and kids, not much point playing after that.
    EClyde likes this.
  18. Zosoninja

    Zosoninja TS Rookie

    Civilization 2, alpha centauri, HOMM, bubble bobble (the platformer, not the puzzle game), worms, Doom, warcraft 3, starcraft, WoW, LoL (I know there are a lot of haters, but it is one of the best multiplayer games), Dragon Age Origins, Street Fighter (had a lot of shitty ones for PC in the early day lol), Dark souls.
    Have tried fallout and TES many times, but I can't really get immersed in them.
  19. RaXoR

    RaXoR TS Addict Posts: 117   +82

    Of all time, it would be Age of Empires 3. I will never get over that game regardless of what else I play. I keep going back to it.
  20. Paul Haywood

    Paul Haywood TS Rookie Posts: 25

  21. Motogp 17 playing lots
    own: Ride 2
    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
    Cat Quest (LOL)
    Hollow Knight
    would love to figure this one out: Hearts of Iron IV
    Company of Heroes - Legacy Edition
  22. EClyde

    EClyde TS Evangelist Posts: 1,611   +575

    Made me laugh. Thanks
  23. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Guru Posts: 951   +168

  24. elites2012

    elites2012 TS Enthusiast Posts: 65   +7

    Battlefield 3

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