What should be my next Anti Virus?

By leadpill924 ยท 29 replies
Sep 28, 2007
  1. Hi, my Kaspersky Anti Virus trial expires tomorrow, and it has been working amazingly, I wish I could get it for free but I can't. So can anyone tell me a good anti virus program that doesn't use a lot of resources, and is good to have while playing full screen games (css, gmod) I can't have it take up a lot of resources because it will lag me. So just please give me a list of best to worst that good, safe, doesn't use lots of recourses, and good at removing viruses. Thanks
  2. Rik

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  3. Tedster

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    a free one. If you're a federal government employee you have a license to download and use several different brands.
  4. leadpill924

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    I'm not going to get AVG unless if I reinstall my computer, which I don't know how to do. AVG can block viruses well but if you have one and it finds it it's just like 'Oh dude you have a virus, that sucks'.
  5. kitty500cat

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    Avast is good as well, I believe.
  6. MilH3

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    You seem like a very particular individual, but I think I might be able to solve your problem.

    Give CA Anti-Virus a shot. I find it absolutely wonderful for various reasons.
  7. evilfantasy

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  8. Rik

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    I must admit that i use ca E-Trust antivirus but then its not free.
  9. leadpill924

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    My friend lent me E-trust CD but it slowed down system with all that protection and it blocked all my networks with parents
  10. matav

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    NOD-32... i am not sure if its free cause i'm using Kaspersky and havent given it a shot.
    but both these AV are the BEST n worth paying for.
  11. Jase123

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    Nod32 isnt free, but you can get a trial.

    Have a look HERE at the top 10 anti-virus programs.

    I've been hearing good stuff about The Shield Deluxe, but i haven't tried it. Has any one tried it here?

    Regards Jase
  12. mtaylor5

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    I Use Mcafee, Works Great, The Shield Deluxe, Friend Says, Its Awsome, MCAFEE OFFERS A FREETRAIL, ALSO...
  13. Jase123

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    Yes. Thanks for that mtaylor5 i am thinking about getting it a i have heard such good things about it. Can anyone else comment on The Shield Deluxe?

    As for Mcafee, not worth buying in my point of view. lol

    Regards Jase
  14. kitty500cat

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    Searching Google for the shield deluxe returns pcsecurityshield.com as the top result, as well as in an advertisement. pcsecurityshield.com distributes rogue/suspect anti-spyware, according to this page, and McAfee's SiteAdvisor page here lists this as being a bad site.

    I wouldn't recommend the shield deluxe.

    Regards :)
  15. howard_hopkinso

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    Well spotted kitty500cat.

    The Shield Deluxe is indeed a rogue software programme and should be avoided like the plague.

    Regards Howard :)
  16. Jase123

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    Thanks alot for the info Kitty500cat.

    Regards Jase :wave: :wave:
  17. TimeParadoX

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    lol Jase :D

    That website you linked said Norton is in the top 10 :haha:

    AVG and nod32 are the best ever :D
  18. Jase123

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    ino ahhhh... Norton is muck lol.

    I agree AVG and nod32 are good lol

    For all: DO NOT download The shield Deluxe, negative behaviour has been reported. I did abit of search myself, and this was well spotted by Kitty500cat.

    I think i am going to get Avast, i have heard alot of good things about it, and it doesnt take up much resources. I know nod32 has a small footprint. :)

    As for you Leadpill924, i recommend you getting the free Avast Home Edition 4.7.1043.

    Regards Jase :)
  19. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Avast! Free is the best free AV out there. AVG is next.
  20. Jase123

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    What do you think the best AV software is to buy i am thinking of Avast pro 4.7.. And what is the best Spyware program out there. thinking of Spyware doctor.

    Any suggestions?

    Regards Jase :)
  21. Rik

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    When it comes to spyware detection and removal i have found AVG antispyware to be very effective, and i have monitored its results closely.
  22. Jase123

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    What would you recommend spyware doctor or Avg Antispyware?

    Regards Jase :)
  23. leadpill924

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    I had Kaspersky it was awesome the first time, then 2 weeks after the trial expired I downloaded it again and I had the trial again =). Don't know how that worked. Nod32 was pretty good, but I didn't really know how to remove viruses on it.
  24. leadpill924

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    Get both, I have 3 different Anti Spyware programs, but I never have any of them running so that they don't conflict with each other.
  25. Jase123

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    When there are no other posts in between your last one, then please use the edit button.


    Regards Jase :wave:
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