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I can't decide what computer (or which computers) to buy next.

Here's the situation:

I've kind of got the need for a powerhouse when it comes to desktop applications. I produce music and I also play some moderately demanding games. Games are not as important as music production, though.

I've also got the need for a somewhat light and compact laptop that allows me to work when I travel (which I do quite often).

Since a few years back I've solved this equation using one computer, a high end Macbook Pro. However, this computer (a mid 2014 13" Macbook Pro) is getting old, and needs to be replaced.

Dilemma: A new Macbook Pro costs and arm and a leg. AND, it's got keyboard problems, which is a big no-no for me as I work as a freelance journalist.

So now I've been looking at Windows alternatives. At least as a mobile part of the setup.

I'd rather stick with Apple on the desktop side, as I've invested heavily in music production software and plugins. But I could be convinced to swith.

For the laptop, I wouldn't need as much power, and I have no specific platform needs.

My budget for a complete solution sits at a maximum of around 2400 USD.

How would YOU solve this?


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I'd rather stick with Apple on the desktop side
I think your budget may preclude this, if you want to be playing moderating demanding games. A fairly basic 21" iMac will be around $1500 (example), but the GPU is pretty dated by modern standards. Something like that would leave you around $900 for the laptop, which is a reasonable amount, especially you have no specific requirements for it.

The Asus VivoBook S15 can be picked up for around $600 and that's a perfect decent and portable laptop; it would also give you an extra $300 to spend on the desktop. However, sticking with an Apple machine means that even at $1800 in total, it's still going to be middling-to-poor at gaming.

If this aspect is important (and just about any half-decent gaming PC will cope with music production applications), then something like this example can be picked up for less than $1500, leaving plenty spare for either a monitor or an upgraded in terms of memory or storage.
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