What were some of your finest moments in a game?

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Sep 22, 2011
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  1. Gothic 1 - I was in that wizard's tower where my next step was to go to the pinnacle of a mountain but the only way you could get out was to jump down and take some serious damage. Suddenly it hit me that I had the blood fly spell. So I cast, transformed into a blood fly, and flew all the way under a clear sky, full moon. The game developers caught the moon's lighting and washed out colors and contrasts perfectly. It was like you were really under a full moon sky with the landscape lit to perfection. It was a long trip and it was awesome.

    Thief: The Dark Project - My first serious PC game. Opening scene where I had to for the very first time blackjack a guard without getting caught. It is deeply etched on my mind.
  2. Benny26

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    Metal Gear Solid - As a 10 year old boy - Psyco Mantis making my joypad vibrate, Ocelot warning me not to use a turbo pad, beating Psyco Mantis by using the other controller port...then the smile on my face at getting the steath camo on my next play through. Man, I'll never forget the first time those things happened to me.

    Amplitude - From starting as a "Mellow"(easy) difficulty player, I progressed to beating the entire game right up to the last boss song on "insane"(Expert)...I was, and am to this day the master of that game.

    Guitar Hero 3 Again, starting as an easy difficulty player who had never player Guitar Hero before, I beat the entire game right through expert. True Story - I was stood in a local Tesco supermarket when they had Guitar Hero on display. The shop was packed full of people. Two kids picked up the guitar and tried to play a song but failed quite badly. I walked up to them and said "Give it here, kid". I put it on expert (I really wanted to show off, I'll admit it) and knocked out a classic tune to like 95% ish...Turned round to notice a massive crowd of people clapping me (including my Dad), then give the guitar back to the kid and said "lots of practice, kid"...It was the most awesome time i've ever had.
  3. Route44

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    Loved the Guitar Hero story. :grinthumb

    Hmmm, 47 views and you and I Benny26 are the only ones that seem have fine moments in gaming... :confused:
  4. Benny26

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    I know. Maybe in a bit more time people will come out and speak.

    The first time i played Hidden and Dangerous 2 was awesome. Loved that game, but i broke a disc after i'd completed it which hurt :(
  5. SNGX1275

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    I can't think of any specific instances, but I've had tons of glorious moments in Mario Kart on SNES. I could have sworn I could get under a minute (like maybe 57 seconds once) on Mario Circuit 1, but going through youtube I didn't see anyone doing that, although it is fairly specific. I saw a lot of time trials, but those are with 100cc karts rather than 150, so they are slower. I know for sure you can do under a minute fairly easily with Bowser or DK, but Toad and Koopa are slower than everyone except Peach and Yoshi.

    I've also had ones in Starcraft (1 and 2) where I've won 'against the odds', one not too long ago was when I was still pretty horrible at playing online, and I was in a 2v2c match and my partner apparently was displeased at my skill level and after the first wave of attacks he said something smartass about my skill and left the game. It took me a while, but I won that game, then I tried to send him something back but he blocked me. heh.
  6. LNCPapa

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    Willow on Nintendo - Buddy said he was stuck in the game and asked if I knew how to get past it. I told him sure, it's no problem even though I had never seen the game. I beat the game in front of him when he brought it over.

    Street Fighter II arcade - In the quarterfinals of one of the dozen competitions I was in I told my opponent what move I was going to open with and the following 2 moves after that. He walked away from the joystick after my third move and said he refuses to play against me.

    X-Men Children of the Atom arcade - Bet this guy $50 I could get a perfect on him in the game, even though I knew he was pretty good and he had watched me play for a while against other people. Omega Red... nuff said. He made the same bet several more times and I walked way with hundreds of dollars over the following weeks. I'm fairly certain he was the one who broke the joysticks on that machine.

    X-Men vs StreetFighter arcade - Same guy from X-Men CotA bet that he could beat me. More money in my pocket.

    Quake II - Won several Heat.net competitions - own everyone and think I'm godly... till I got to E3 and see the finals there. Those guys were incredible and I was clearly still a noob.
  7. Arris

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    One of my best scores ever... 63 kills 16 deaths score on a Counterstrike server. Still have the screenshot some where :)

    'Completing' Crystal Caverns on the Atari 2600 at silly o'clock in the morning during a sleep over at a friends house only to find out that the level count went from 99 to 0 and the game just continued.

    Beating a lot of the early World of Warcraft raid content was pretty fine at the time. Especially when keeping up with guilds on our server who just copied tactics from websites and the guild I was in worked out its own.

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