What would you do?

By ingeborgdot
Feb 21, 2010
  1. I have run into a problem. I have many video files (not from DVD, so no, nothing illegal) and as you all know they take up much, much space. Plus many photos, music etc. The problem I have run into now is that I have a 2 bay enclosure that holds over 2TB of hdd but unless you run Vista in GPT it won't use all of it and I don't want to waste any of my 1TB and 1.5TB (2.5TB) hdd. The problem is when using that much it won't run MBR but only GPT. Ok, no problem you say, well my backup program Acronis 11 won't restore it in GPT. Would you buy a NAS? I have another computer that I use mainly for my Russound whole house audio and not much else. Could I use that? I have so much info to backup and transfer, I can't have a slow download. My system is a gig system but the NAS won't get that. I think my other computer should be able to handle that or not? What would you do????
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