Which componenets required to complete a NUC

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Mar 24, 2014
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  1. I am interested in building a NUC from Intel. I know I will need an OS, HDD and memory. Since the OS comes on a DVD, I will probably have to add a USB optical media drive. Not sure how to add WiFi connectivity. I want to use an SSD in the 250Gb range. I am opting for the NUC 54250. If anyone has put together a NUC, Id be interested in hearing how you configured, and which components proved to be compatible. Also, if I am missing anything please let me know. Thanks for looking in.
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    Btw:- NUC (Next Unit of Computing). Just gota love thos marketing boys and their buzz words.
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    You can transfer OS DVD install media to a bootable USB stick, and just use that.
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    Well, you will not be able to add a HDD to the NUC you listed. That is, unless you went the MSATA route for storage. As for WIFI, you'll need to buy a PCIe Wireless adapter. You could also purchase one of those dongles.

    I can't really advise you on what parts to use for this. Up until today I didn't know these were a thing. Depending on what you plan to use it for and your budget, I'd probably suggest investing in another product.
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