Which graphics card should I get?

By edbug · 5 replies
Sep 13, 2008
  1. I am looking for a graphics card that i can purchase, i want one that will run pretty much everything on max settings apart from crysis of course.
    My budget is around £100.
    I would like one that could run call of duty 4 on max settings smoothly and world of warcraft on max settings with 60 fps (which i get easy on some low settings, the big ones like resolution)

    I would also like to declare i am happy as i have just installed my new 2gb ram stick into my computer that was on sale at pc world for £40! Oh yeah and my 2 x 512mb sticks are compatible with it, 3gb ram now! (not noticed much difference but hey)
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  3. edbug

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    thanks for the suggestion.
    i have an ati card fitted in my system and on the front it says graphics by ATI, i don't think it will matter, but i will ask anyway, would it be ok for my computer to which over the nVidia?
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    Yeah, it will be ok. Make sure you have an adequate PSU before buying the card though.
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