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Jun 7, 2008
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    thanks also 3 other questions

    will a video card running on ddr3 work on a mobo running ddr2

    also i'm trying to test the motherboard just to be safe. right now i dont have any memory for it. is there anywhere that i can get it running without memory?

    lastly know anywhere to get windows xp cheap other than newegg or ebay
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    Yeah it will work, usually the specs on the g-card are separate from everything else, just meet the required expansion slot (PCI-E X16, AGP, etc.) and the power requirement and your all set.
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    I see that both memories have the same capability. PC 6400 800 mhz. Corsair and Crucial are both very good products. I would save and buy the less expensive of the two. I am sure that they would both perform about the same. Be sure to look in your motherboard ram memory vendor's list (if there is one). This will guide you to the most compatible ram for your mobo. Graphics processors vary from price to price. You need to ask yourself how well you want your games to play. I bought a GFX card from Newegg and then traded it back in on a $300 card. The 8600 that I got first just didn't get it. Good Luck.
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