Which phone are people happiest with in 2020? The Galaxy Note 9 from two years ago


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What just happened? Which smartphone do you think would top a US customer satisfaction survey taken in 2020? Could it be Apple’s best and most expensive iPhone to date, the iPhone 11 Pro Max? Perhaps it’s Samsung’s tech-packed flagship, the Galaxy S20 Ultra? No, it’s the Galaxy Note 9, a phone that launched back in 2018.

The surprising revelation comes from a survey carried out by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). It asks participants to rate their phone based on several factors, including battery life, design, features, audio & video quality, software, and more.

Surprisingly, the list is topped by the Galaxy Note 9. While it remains an excellent handset, there have been plenty of newer devices released since its 2018 launch, including its successor, the Note 10, the Galaxy S10, and the iPhone 11 series.

The Note 9 topped the list with a score of 85 and was rated best in class for phone features and video quality. Samsung also took joint-second place with the Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy S10, which both scored 84. The highest Apple entry, meanwhile, was the iPhone XS Max, which was also rated 84, while its iPhone 11 Pro Max flagship was further down the list with 82.

It’s interesting to see both Samsung and Apple’s older phones beat the newer models when it comes to customer satisfaction. It could be that some consumers feel the latest devices with their huge price tags should offer more for the money, or perhaps they just feel their predecessors were simply better.

While Samsung topped the list for individual phone models, the South Korean firm was beaten by Apple when it came to overall customer satisfaction. After both companies tied at an 81 percent rating last year, Apple has edged ahead to beat its rival by one point with 82 percent. LG came third with 79 percent, while Motorola was fourth on 77 percent.

Despite the fall in sales caused by Covid-19, general customer satisfaction with smartphones was up 1.3 percent year-over-year. US carrier services were also ranked in the survey, with T-Mobile coming top (76 percent), beating Verizon, AT&T, and US Cellular. Sprint came in last with 66 percent.

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What about price? The note9 was the last reasonably priced premium phone. The generation after, the S10 /S20 and note10 became exorbitant in their pricing for the highest tier model. $1000-$1300 smartphones are the norm now for the highest end.


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People are happy with milestones.

Samsung 9 must have been one. Rich in features that people wanted at the right price. Might be surprising at first, until you start dallying into the details and then it becomes apparent.


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MAYBE people are starting to wake up and realize that getting a new phone every year just isn't worth it. Especially with people being laid off because of the stupid lock downs. People will rather hang onto their older phones than spend over 1000.00 on a new one. Plus, the "bang for the buck" isn't worth the extra expense.


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Note 9 is seriously the best Samsung phone in the past 5 years..because it's among the most feature packed, least compromised phones ever released. Bought mine in 2018 and not planning on anything new this year..only wish for a new battery.


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I'm still rocking my XS Max 512GB.

I haven't seen any must-have's yet.

I'll get that iPhone 12 Pro Max so long as it has 1TB storage.
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