Why do my GPU fans need a push start?

By FaceBash · 4 replies
Jul 27, 2008
  1. (sry if this is in the wrong place but just went for 'PSU + cooling')

    Hey all, first time poster in this forum.

    I had overheating problems with my graphics card so bought 'Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 2900 VGA Cooler' and attached it to my 'ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT' graphics card with no trouble. When ever I turn the power on the fans just wobble a bit and need me to push them a little for them to start spinning. Is this a power problem? I have 500W PSU.

    I also use SpeedFan and tried a range of software to try and find out the wattage, speed of the fans and temperature of the graphics card but all i ever get is Harddrive temperature and Core 1 + Core 2 temperature, (im guessing the core 1 + 2 is the motherboard?) and nothing about anything else.

    I have Antec 900 case so fans manual speed setting but one of the fans is plugged into my motherboard. (i dunno how to find out type of motherboard coz i didnt make the PC or order it)
  2. CCT

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    The fan is defective - RMA it.

    (since there IS some vertical play in all fans, it may be coming in contact with the card surface - you could loosen the attachment screws a bit and hold the fan shroud out a bit from the card and try a start and see if it spins up by itself)
  3. FaceBash

    FaceBash TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hmmm, ok then.

    I unplugged all the fans in the case too see if it made a difference with power but they didnt movie untill i gave them a flick.
    and they dont look to be spinning as fast as i would have thought so yes it is looking like its broken. Shame! =[

    I'll have to give overclockers a call then and get a replacement.

    ill hav to replace the stock heatsink and fan while i wait i guess...

    thnx for the reply.
  4. fullmetalvegan

    fullmetalvegan TS Enthusiast Posts: 123

    I always choose Thermalright heatsinks, primarily fanless, they rely on heatpipes to keep the card cool, so not much can go wrong on it. My HD4850 ran at 80 celcius on stock clock / stock heatsink... and the Thermalright HR-03 GT has it at 30 celcius idle stock, 36 celcius maximum overclock idle. Barely rises any above that when under load, still doesn't even come close to 80 celcius which was really a pathetic temperature for the stock heatsink to have it at.

    That's good quaility. =]
  5. conradodav

    conradodav Banned

    I think your fan could be broken or simple the burshes are dry
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