Why Does This Lag?

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Jul 31, 2009
  1. This is kind of weird. I am trying to organize files on my Vista D drive and every time I rename a folder the computer just lags up for 5-10 sec or so. It is really annoying since I have to do this a lot.Why does something as seemingly simple as Rename cause so much trouble when everything else seems to run smoothly? Just a curiosity. :)
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    I forgot to mention that it sometimes lags to the point where it says "Not Responding" for a little while.
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    Could be the contents of the folders are very large. If you have automatic search indexing on, there is a lot of processing to do to reindex everything. Solution - to turn off indexing (if you can in Vista - dont know) and destroy all existing indexes.

    Other possibilities - you have other optimising features on, such that a rename spawns lots of activity. Start by clearing out all temporary files, then defragment your drive.
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    Oh yes, and enabling Compress drive to save disk space.
    You can find this out by right clicking on the appropriate drive letter, and clicking properties. There should be two check boxes at the bottom of the properties window.
    Are you on a laptop?
    Do you think you may be infected?
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    Vista D drive? You may be trying to copy files to a restore partition... Also, never enable compress drive! If you have to work with it later, it can be very difficult to repair
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