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Why is my computer freezing?

By BloodyXXRose
Jun 5, 2010
  1. Hi, well my computer (idk why) just freezes for no apparent reason
    Its been happening for the past week.

    Here are some instances when it happened:
    - watching a movie or listening to music, the sound suddenly just goes (dudududududududu) over and over again
    -on mozilla: I am browsing the web and then suddenly the page doesn't load and the computer freezes (installed opera and the same thing happened)
    -when I'm afk and there are programs opened like Microsoft open, the computer still freezes

    these are what I can remember... Anyway I dont think it's a problem with the driver space because of 52 GB I have about 30 GB free so... idk
  2. ontheupandup

    ontheupandup TS Rookie

    Gateway Laptop Freezing Issues

    Hi. I thought I'd make a post here. I'm new to computers-in an IT program right now but still new. My laptop is also freezing which sucks b/c the boogah is only like a year old. I use 1TB has my backup and pretty much keep stuff on there so I don't think it's bogged down w/ to much crap. I have anti virus software. I have a cooling pad I keep it on and I don't leave it on all the time-I do shut it off and do update runs. I have NO clue why it's starting to do this. It was just doing it when I used Facebook but today Itunes wacked it out too. I use Windows Vista on this-I haven't changed what it came with stock. Going to try to do some google.coming for some extra help. Thanks to anyone who can help me also. Ciao.
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