Why won't Norton 360 let go

By iMoose
Mar 6, 2009
  1. I guess it's my fault for "trying" it when it came with my new laptop.

    It's now like malware though. How is this even remotely ethical?

    So I'm going to try and remove it AGAIN. But this time with the Norton Removal Tool from their website. Am I the only guy in this group to have developed such a strong dislike for Symantec stuff as of late?

    So anybody have some tips? I've read elsewhere(so I don't automatically believe it) that even with Symantec's utility that there's still rubbish left over that might require manual deletion. Hooray! More opportunity to screw-up my registry!

    I swear, if I can't get rid of this junk I'm DEMANDING that Bill Gates swing by my house whilst out galloping around with Jerry Seinfeld and FIX MY DANG LAPTOP! lol

    Yeah, I used "whilst".

    I may just scrap Vista all together. I've got XP Home and Pro, 2000, 98, and even an ME disc stashed away.

    I hate to admit it, but I'm beginning to think Vista is just a re-skinned version of ME !

    What blows though, is I don't even have a Vista disc. It didn't come with my new laptop. So there's no going back. I think? Or have to PAY for one from eMachines, I guess. Dang.

    And yes this thread is mostly venting, but any advice would be appreciated guys. Thanks!

    P.S.- Attached is a picture of a funny cartoon. For no reason.
  2. kimsland

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  3. iMoose

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    I will, I will !!! Jeesh.

    Naw, just kiddin' Kim. If you say it'll work, then I'm sure it will.

    Your advice should cost money!

    I'm just frustrated with it tonight. So might be in the am. Depends how hard it is to get to sleep.

    Think I'm gonna just plop down on the couch with a dawg or two, and watch some ye olde tyme CRT. It is friday night after all!

    But I was looking forward to playing with a Logitech speaker system I got off craig's today for a song.


    And thanks for the speedy response, Kim!

    I appreciate it VERY much.

    P.S.- Did ya check out the drawing of me going to school?
  4. kimsland

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