Wierd Power Problem

By dbuche
Mar 24, 2008
  1. About three years ago I built a nice system around an ASUS KV8 SE mb. It has never had a problem and I haven't upgraded any hardware. A few months ago I started noticing a problem restarting after a power loss. If the pc has lost connection to AC, either because the power is out or the AC cable has been unplugged, it will not power up for at least an hour. If I try before then, I get a brief amber LED and can hear the fan start, but they both go off within maybe 2 seconds. After an hour or so the pc powers up normally almost as if some internal power storage device needs to recharge after being unplugged. Could it be the CMOS battery? I never have a problem restarting after a normal shutdown as long as the PC to AC link remains unbroken. I have no other issues and sometimes run for months without a power loss. I can't find any errors in the logs and the pc is relatively clean and has lots of airflow. This isn't an emergency yet, but it is troubling and I'd rather find the cause than ignore it any longer. I downloaded the ASUS PC Probe to monitor the power supply but it wouldn't load because my board is too old. Since I never have a power problem as long as AC reaches the computer a PS problem seems remote. Any advice will be appreciated.
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    The first thing you should do is back up and important data. Make sure that the inside of the case is clean and free of dust and other debris. Replace the power supply and see if things settle down. If you have a lot of power loss problems with your household power you should be using a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) especially after you replace the computer power supply
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