Wifi not working but ethernet does (not laptop)

Earlier today the wifi suddenly stopped working while I was online. I wasn't doing anything extensive, just browsing. The ethernet cable works just fine so I know it's not the internet itself just the wifi. Also, it's not my laptop as another laptop and kindle are unable to connect as well through the wifi but the other laptop can also connect through the ethernet. Is there anything I can do to try to get it working or is the router just burnt out and I need a new one? It's a few years old, a Cisco brand. Thanks.


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Try to log in the administrator on your cisco router try to find out if the wireless setting is change or disable...


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Hey AppleMutt. Power the router off for a minute, remove the Ethernet cable if plugged into the laptop, then power up the router. After a minute, see if you can connect or if you can view any available networks in your area.If you can see other wireless networks but cant connect to your network, try resetting the router to factory specs by holding in the reset switch for a 10 seconds with power on. All setting will then be as they were when the router was shipped.If you can't connect to the default network SSID of your router, it's likely shot.You could also try updating the firmware of the router (something I've done with a "dead" Linksys router and brought it back to life.