Win 7 64-bit, XFX 4670 Card, 4.8 Windows Aero Score ?

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Dec 29, 2009
  1. I am using an XFX x16 2.0 4670 card on an Asus P5Q-E board. The card is limited to x8 2.0 bandwidth due to other cards, but occupies the primary x16 slot (other cards are a couple of RAID cards the knock primary x16 2.0 down to x8 2.0). It is driving a 2560x1600 and a 1920x1200 DVI monitor set.

    Does a 4.8 Aero score sound right? Gaming comes in at 6.4. Processor and memory at 7.3 and primary HD (an SSD) at 7.0.

    Just wondering why Desktop Aero comes in so low, or is it because it is handling such high resolution? Or is it because the card only has DDR2 memory? I'm not a gamer, so it's not like it's the end of the world or anything, but I was curious.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. dustin_ds3000

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    my 9800gtx+ scores 7.0 on both but your seams to be about right for your video card
  3. Savage1701

    Savage1701 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 153

    Thanks; it's not like it's a big deal to me, I was just curious why the numbers were so different. Again, thanks for your time.
  4. compdata

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    Couldn't find the same page for Windows 7 but for Vista, MS explains the Aero subscore as follows:

    "Graphics subscore. This subscore indicates how well a computer will run Windows Aero and play videos. This measurement is based on video memory bandwidth (megabytes per second), so the higher the dedicated graphics memory in your video card, the better this score is likely to be. A 256-megabyte (MB) video card, for example, is almost certain to get a higher score than a 128-MB card.

    Any graphics card that doesn't support Microsoft DirectX 9 automatically receives a score of 1.0, regardless of other factors. Also note that a video card using a driver that doesn't support Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM) can't receive a score higher than 1.9. (DirectX 9 and WDDM are requirements for Windows Aero.)

    So it looks like video memory and bandwidth are two of the top contributing factors.
  5. Savage1701

    Savage1701 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 153

    That makes sense - it's a ddr2 card using some system memory via HyperMemory. Thanks.
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