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Sep 19, 2010
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  1. When I purchased my Dell laptop it had Vista. I was put on the list for a free copy of Win 7. Home Prem 64 bit. Works great on the lap top. My ? is, is this only an upgrade or can I use it for a new install. The label states"Windows 7 Upgrade option. I also have a Original Vista disk. Will i have to install Vista then add the upgrade. As the computer is a new build, does this make since.

  2. Leeky

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    I'm not too sure how this will work, but if its a manufacturer specific version of Windows 7, it isn't going to work on a new build as it will only work on Dell machines.

    If its a full retail version you can use it, but its unlikely your new build PC will accept the manufacturer supplied Vista install disc as it will only work with Dell's, meaning you have no way of verifying the right to upgrade if asked either.
  3. LookinAround

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    I'm pretty sure (tho not 100%) of my 2 points also see what others say.. or just try it yourself!

    1) I recall reading somewhere that you should be able to do a fresh Win 7 install with Dell's upgrade DVD (do you have a Win 7 preparation DVD from them as well?. I bought a Dell XP computer with Win 7 upgrades and i received 2 DVDs.

    HOWEVER, see my next point

    2) i'm also pretty sure (but try it out) that Dell;s install discs will only work if you install on a Dell. You won't be able to use it (or maybe just its product key) if you install a new build (ie. non Dell system)
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    Win 7 upgrade on Vista

    If Dell supplied a Win7 upgrade disc for your Dell Vista OS, I would think it will only work in that way. If you have another Vista disc, it won't work with your Dell product key. If you have a 'retail' Vista (& different product key), format your HD, install Vista, it's likely the Dell Upgrade to Win 7 won't work. I have seen reported in a trade magazine, that an upgraded Vista's product key cannot be used again, once upgraded to '7'. This is my understanding, and other users may know better.
  5. Leeky

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    Neither will work unfortunately.

    I know from experience, as I was unable to activate my Dell Vista OS discs, or my Dell Win XP Pro, or my Dell W7 Ultimate discs on anything other than a Dell machine.

    For example:

    I have used my XP Pro disc supplied with my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop to install it on my Dell Vostro 420 PC in the past. I've swapped around Vista editions between Dell's with no issues at all, but I tried installing one of my Dell supplied W7 versions on my current Dell after replacing the motherboard and it wouldn't even let me install W7!

    So I use a student discounted Windows 7 Pro 64bit license on my Dell now, and the Dell W7 Ultimate 64bit it did have is now installed on my Dell Studio PC - It installed fine as that's a Dell computer.

    I've also tried using Dell supplied OS' on my other computers and none have worked. I've even tried using OEM (retail OEM) discs with the product keys from my Dell's on other computers and that doesn't work either.

    So to sum up my experiences:

    If its Dell supplied, it will install on any Dell computer/laptop, but only Dell's.

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