Win 98: Cannot complete the 8-step guide, best alternatives?

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Jul 28, 2009
  1. I got a permanent BSOD when trying to log into XP, so I'm now using Win98 (FE) which I have installed in a seperate partition to clean the mess. In my effort to figure out the cause I'm checking for malware in the XP partition, which seems a possibility.
    I've opened a thread in the BSOD forums, but I'm opening one here as well, as B00kwyrm suggested.

    I'm starting with two important notes:
    First, my thorough Avast scan discovered two infected files in the XP partition. I deleted them cause 'moving to chest' could not be performed. Maybe it's nothing 'serious', but I'm attaching the log from Avast either way.

    Second, I cannot complete the 8-step guide, as, despite your 'Win OS: All' comment in each application's download, (a) Malwarebytes expects winNT and higher and (b) SUPERAntiSpyware, while installed properly, freezes when I run it. I sent them a feedback but haven't got a reply. So, maybe the guide would need an update with the best alternatives for older OS. Which freeware apps should I now use instead of those two? I had been using Spybot in the past, but I got bad experience from it. As I recall, a couple of years back, there was a bug when searching for a specific malware that caused the pc to reboot or caused a bsod, I'm not entirely sure, but there were many users complaining and at that time the authors 'were still working on it'. I haven't used it ever since and I don't remember much else. So I still haven't found an anti-malware app I can trust.

    Please advise.

    Note: For further info, my BSOD-related thread lies here:
  2. Tmagic650

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    You probably have a hardware problem with your hard drive or memory. This will have to be corrected before you can worry about infections
  3. TechSmurfy

    TechSmurfy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Lol, the thing is I've been told to check on my infections problem first in case it is gonna help solve my bsod problem.

    I do not have a problem with my hard drive or memory, I have excluded those options, but still I cannot correct it. Either way, the steps I've taken so far in detail lie in the other thread where I'm battling about my problem, that's why I believe I was asking a pretty straight forward question in here. Since I cannot complete the 8-step guide on win98, what are the recommended alternative apps to Malwarebytes and SUPERAntispyWare that can run perfectly on my current OS (if there is no other comment to be made).
    Thank you.
  4. captaincranky

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    How much damage would a reinstall and reformat do? Well, I actually know how much damage it would do, but I meant to you personally.
  5. TechSmurfy

    TechSmurfy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm thinking of guru meditation and intensive therapy sessions in the late hours :p
    In other words, I would consider a reinstall as the very last resort, if that answers your question.
  6. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    You can't be doing much with this old Win98 computer besides email or playing old PC games... A fresh install would be the easiest thing to do, although many of the programs and utilities for Win98 may not be available any longer. MS Support ended a few years ago
  7. TechSmurfy

    TechSmurfy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    On the contrary. Win98 has served me a great deal as a backup OS, while at the same time, as you say, it can stand on its own as a way to run apps and games that are not compatible with more current systems. I can't remember how many times it has literally saved me, when I had problems with other OS, like XP or 2k in the past. It's perfectly configured right now and as I already mentioned, I now use it as a backup plan to find what's been going on with my XP system; thus we were talking about a potential fresh install of XP, not 98.

    So, how about my questions on topic? Any tools I can use in 98 to scan my XP partition? There must be some old cadets in here.
    I know MS Support ended a few years ago, I'm just counting on the notion that TechSpot support has not given up on it as well ;)
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