win xp pro sp2 installation problems

By elbtax
Dec 4, 2006
  1. Recently purchased oem version win xp pro sp2. Received last Weds. and began to install in generic pc with ga7vtxe mb with dual bios, AMD Athalon 1700 cpu, 40gb Maxtor hd, and 2 256 ram DDR(266) chips. Fm the git-go nothing but problems. Reformated hd ntfs and tried to install. Nothing but BSOD, diff problems. Corrected most but never could get to install.
    ran memtest86 - no error. Reseated ram did better.Got fed-up and reformatted hd with fat32. Seemed to load more of os. Never finished. Tried diff video adapters. Diff BSOD. Threw that machine in the corner after cussing;
    Got an Acer Veritron 7100 w/sm58 mb and 256 of ram. Onboard video looks good. Air-cleaned (out of can) cpu and everthing else i could see. Formated
    drive fat32. Right as we speak setup is copying file to the win installation folders. Does this fine then tells me has to restart to finish install. Reboots and comes back to setup xp pro. Have done R and but to no avail. Setup will not continue loading the os. This is my 4th attempt. I am sick of win xp pro sp2.
    P.s. The gagabyte board had XP Pro sp1 running on it with a problem. Kept
    rebooting. That's why bought XP Pro sp2. Didn't have the sp1 install cd.
    Updated bios on the gagabyte board. That helped.
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    That particular mobo is known for having problems!!!!

    It was built with substandard capacitors which are very prone to blowing!!!!

    I know this because i have one!!!!

    Have a look at the capacitors for doming or leaking, if you find any then it may be the end for your mobo, i have replaced all the caps on the one i have and it still wont run stably!!!!
  3. elbtax

    elbtax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the info. Not out much..was given to me...
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