Win 11 BSOD


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I've had more BSOD's then I ever had with Win XP. A sudden BSOD that lasts about 1 second then the computer restarts.That's irritating enough but the real kicker is upon reboot I get a screen saying win encountered a problem and needs to be fixed. The built in repair feature is useless. UEFI check shows boot order is correct. The only way I can recover is by using a custom restore program. I read that the nvidea drivers were the cause but when I uninstalled them the I still get the BSOD.

Msi x570 Gaming Pro
32 Gb DDR 3200 DD4 Ram
Nvidea 1650 video card
AMD 5800 8 core 64 bit CPU

Any Ideas?
Thank-you for the reply. The trouble is I got to a screen for safe mode but the result was the same. It reboots to the "windows need to repair" screen. The msi x570 doesn't have a on board video so if I remove the nvidea 1650 I won't get any display. This was a very confusing problem. I had to reinstall windows 11 with all my programs and features (ugh). I never had so many BSOD's on any other system and I started with win 3.1.
Thanks again and I hope this dosen't start again with the fresh install.