Win32:Beagle-ADV trojan

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May 11, 2008
  1. I had just run a spyware Doctor scan and this came up. Avast! had detected Win32:Beagle-ADV [Trj], and i said to move it to chest. Then it came up again. I then ran a scan and it found five more. I have moved them all to the chest and was wondering if i had anymore...
    Is there a way to prevent this?
    I had just completed ALL of your instructions and it still found this... apart from combofix, which i will do tomorrow. I'm surprised to say the least. Could it be upgrading to SP3? There is one in the Windows Media Player folder and one in the system 32 folder, drivers, the rest are in the system volume information.
    I'll attach some more logs tomorrow, if wanted.
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    Sorry, I'm impatient, but...
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    Please, I'm really getting annoyed with this forum...
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    just wait a bit.. im sure someone will reply to your thread man
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    I know, I know...
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