Windows 10 Shuts Down


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Well, there most likely are folk out there somewhere who think Microsoft's developers can do no wrong . . .

But: What, exactly, is the benefit of Windows 10 -- entirely unprovoked or so directed -- simply shutting down on its own whenever it decides to do so? Perhaps it is an inherent MS principle to design this interruption so that an operator will be forced to sit back, take some slow breaths, try to relax, and enjoy the few minutes of non-computer time as Windows decides to start back up again -- entirely unprovoked or so directed . . . ?

So: Is this considered a "benefit" of Windows 10 or a "problem to be solved"?

Information appreciated.


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There's the software that runs on Microsoft Windows and the hardware that supports it. Before slating Microsoft and Windows 10 you need to find out whether this is hardware or software related. I recommend that you take the computer to a repair shop.

Mark Fuller

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Windows 10, or any other system shutting down on its own (starting with like xp and going all of the way to 11) can be a hardware(like a power supply) or software problem. Used to be the first thing we checked was the power supply to see if the fan still worked. Overheating will cause a pc to shut itself down if the fan don't work, then when it cools off it may come back on. Shorts in the wiring can also be a problem and yes, software issues, many of them. All editions of the windows operating system have this common issue. Do like bazz2004 says and take it to a shop.