Windows 7 and CPU

By martinlw · 5 replies
Feb 6, 2009
  1. Hi,I have a AMD Sempron 2800+ is this large enough for windows 7 and 2GB of memory.Regards Martin
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    Since it is Win7 it may be pretty speedy almost assuredly faster than Vista on the same computer.

    I loaded Win7 in Sun's Virtual Box (Intel 2.8 cpu) and am extremely impressed. It seemed to boot up in a VM as fast as I would expect off a HD. Shuts down as quick also.

    And runs like 98% as fast as the Host OS which is Svr 2003. I think MS may be doing it better this time.

    I have loaded it with Java, Avira MBAM SAS CCleaner etc plus much more for testing all run great.

    A Virtual machine will highlight speed issues quickly a Vista installation with the same VHD and Ram allocation (1 G) boots up slowly and drags along like perhaps not Molasses but thin syrup.:) Also shuts down slowly!

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    My test install on A7N8X-E Deluxe with Barton 2600+ and 2GB of RAM runs very nice, can't say it runs better than Vista yet but this system is not the best to test Vista or Win 7 performance!

    There is an article about "even ubuntus founder likes windows 7" somewhere out there, I think it was
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    Hi martinlw,

    My name’s Ron. I’m a member of the Windows Outreach Team and just wanted to stop in and see if you had downloaded and installed the Beta yet.

    If you’re still thinking about it, remember that the downloads are going to be cut off on Feb. 10, 2009. If you’re up to it, check out this site: wwwdotmicrosoftdotcom/windows/windows-7/beta-downloaddotaspx - It has the download instructions, backup instructions (very important) and an FAQ.

    If you run into something you have a question about, feel free to reach out. I’m here.

    Windows Outreach Team
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    There is no 'Windows Outreach Team'. There is no web site. You are not from are sanctioned by Microsoft. Ron, your wording is a come-on to make the users think you are someone special. You and non-existent group made up by Jeff, Ron, Lindsay, Cody hit the computer boards recently. Many of those boards are questioning your "quasi-credentials."

    No one has to make up anything to be of help And doing so to add weight to your replies is something I hope TechSpot will disallow..
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