Windows 7 boot problem

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Nov 19, 2017
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  1. holdum323

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  3. I gave it a look.
    It worked for me.
    I had 8.1 Pro so it installed 10 Pro for me.
    It kept all my installed programs & files.
    Earlier versions did not keep installed programs.
    I have a system image of 8.1 Pro but I intend to keep 10 Pro.

    The OP should consider upgrading before the offer ends, IMO.
  4. jullia

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    Alt-F10 (holding Alt key down and pressing F10 key once) is used by Acer to do a system recovery, but I do not think that will work on your system.

    The /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /MININT' thing is involved in editing boot options. I avoid such, but this article may give some insight:
  5. vomacka

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    Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it.

    Right now I am getting my important files off the drive. Then I am going to re-install windows. I've been messing with this for two weeks. Enough is enough.

    I am going to treat my self and get a Samsung 850 EVO 1Tb ssd. Then install windows on that. This my first ssd. So I'm not sure what to expect. I will use my old drive a a backup.

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  6. Rich M

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    What to expect is "pure pleasure". That is the biggest "speed bump" you can make!
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  7. vomacka

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    I am about ready to start the installation of Win 7 on the new SSD. I just have a question.

    When should I do a Windows update?

    Before installing my motherboard, video card, modem etc. drivers or after ?

    Does the update have to see my hardware drivers?

  8. holdum323

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  9. vomacka

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    ANY windows update after SP1.

    I just don't want Windows update to have a problem installing the update because I have not installed the motherboard, video card, modem Etc. drivers beforehand.

  10. Cycloid Torus

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    Last time I did a clean Win7 install (well over a year ago) I downloaded it fresh from Microsoft as an ISO which I burned to a disk. First it partitioned, then it formatted and then it chugged for a couple of hours as it configured and installed. I thought that was great. Then it started to 'update' - and it took most of a day - several boots.

    No drivers were required to begin. It used generalized drivers and got everything running (I hear printers and scanners and webcam can be missed). Then I downloaded and installed drivers from motherboard maker and from video card maker and installed them. Do reboot as you install each as this seems to help sort things out.

    I think you will find specific instructions in the motherboard manual and at Microsoft - I have found the installation program to be pretty straightforward so you may not need that.

    So 2 days total. Windows 10 is faster.
  11. vomacka

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    Thanks for the info.

  12. Rich M

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    I would say after initial install and drivers next thing I used to do was Windows Updates.
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  14. holdum323

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  15. Rich M

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    That is basically a good tutorial for installing Windows 7 but I am puzzled here. Windows 7 goes out of support in 2020
    or 2 years and you have 30 days left to install Windows 10 free so why now install Windows 7?
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  16. holdum323

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    Hi Exactly! Why not install W10 while it's free? Then create a back up image of W10. If you don't like it, then install W7.
    Makes sense to me!
  17. vomacka

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    Thanks for the help guys.

    I installed Win 7 successfully!! It only took a half-hour because of the SSD I guess. I am still configuring it right now. I will do the Windows update tomorrow.

    Right now, I am more familiar/comfortable with using 7. I will probably get 10 later on but not right now.

    Configuring Windows is an all day thing. I probable won't get to installing my personal software until tomorrow.

    I'll let you know if I have any problems.

    To be continued...


    I have that linked article. I printed it out and had it at the ready during installation.
  18. vomacka

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    Oh, BTW...

    I tried to copy some important game files off the old HDD. I got an error that said the files were damaged and could not be copied. Great...

    I have removed the drive and will use a USB drive reader to check the drive for errors more thoroughly.

  19. Making this post involved a lot of time.
    I would have used a Windows 7 iso but did not have a product key for it to download the 7 iso from Microsoft.
    So, I used the Media Creation Tool to get an 8.1 Pro iso.
    I downloaded it to a 64 GB usb3.0 flash drive.
    If you don't already have it, install 7Zip.


    See screenshot ---


    After doing so the new OS will start to install.
    This works because it is on a usb or external hard-drive & not on the computer.
    See screenshot of the new OS starting to install after clicking setup.exe---


    As far as I know this works with ANY iso file. :)

    There is a hard way & an easy way to deal with iso files.
    This is the Easy way.
    I hope this helps someone. (y)
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  20. holdum323

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    Nice post! That should help TS members!(y)
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  21. vomacka

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    I finished getting my system up and running! Everything is running smoothly. The SSD does make boot/shut down faster by quite a lot.

    I did not lose any major files. The only casualty was Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I was able to save some of it. The rest I will have to re-build. No bigee. Just takes time.

    The first thing I did when I was finished was to do a complete virus/boot scan on the system. It only found one virus problem that was quickly deleted. It was part of a third party CD-burning program I used. It's gone now. Other than that, the system is clean.

    I just have to do some minor adjustments to windows, but 99% of the work is finished.

    One of the problems I am having is with the on-board Realtek HD Audio sound settings. I will start a new topic for that.


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