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Windows 7 BSOD with Dmp files

By vahrak
Jan 2, 2010
  1. Hi all,

    I followed the guidance on this board prior to posting these dump files. This is a very strange problem and I'm having trouble figuring it out. Here is the short version:

    I have windows 7 x64.
    I have a i7 processor with 6 gb RAM (3x2GB)

    After having the computer up and running for a few weeks and went out of town and left my computer off.

    When I came back and tried to boot it BSOD. I messed around with it for a while. Ran Memtest 86 with no errors for 24 hours and it finally booted.

    I left town again for a week. Came back and same thing. BSOD on boot. This time Memtest spit out ALL errors and no passes. It also only registered 2 sticks of mem (4gb). I ran the repair console and windows finally booted. Then I ran Memtest again for 24 hours with no errors. I ran LinX for 20 passes with no errors. I did a chkdsk with no errors.

    Then I left my computer off for a few days and turned it back on.....BSOD. It was then I found these boards and saw you could get the DMP files. To get my computer to boot this time, I removed all but 1 of the memory sticks. It booted fine. I powered down and put all 3 sticks in....also booted fine. I have tried each stick in all the slots single and together. It seems like after the computer has been "on for a while" that there are no issues. I only had 2 of them for some reason. I analyzed them, but was unsure how to interpret the results. I have attached them to this post.

    There are just a few things that don't make sense to me about this problem:

    I only get this problem on boot after long periods of power off.
    Once I get windows booted, I can stress test the system with no errors.
    Problem only seemingly started a few weeks after I put the system together.
    It will boot with one stick of RAM in any slot, but not with all 3.
    It will boot with all 3 after I get it to boot with 1.

    Please help me, I am at a loss here. I had to .zip the dmp files because they were over the 200kb size limit.

    Attached Files:

  2. ManQu

    ManQu TS Rookie

    Seems the Ram, when cold, might be faulty ,try cooling them in the fridge/cooler in some protective bag for a few mins and test each one.
    I carn't help with the dump files..sorry..
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