Windows 7 can't see my HDD

When I'm trying to install Windows 7 it says that no storage device is found. How can I fix this problem? I have tried to install some drivers but it wont even find those. I have a toshiba Satellite c660-1nt
Part no: psc1qe
I can't go into the bios. When I start the laptop it goes black for like 1 second and then the message ''Reboot and select proper boot device'' Pops up :/


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Harder to explain look on utube at how to replace hard drive its very easy and u will see where it is underneath.. also if shop did it very unlikely it is in wrong so so I would try what cobalt said and go with checking out bios when u get into it,

or if they fitted it take it back to them and tell them u cant reinstall windows and why they should do it free