Windows 7 freezes on starting Windows logo

  1. My ACER aspire 5920 laptop freezes on Starting Windows logo,
    I tried to reinstall new window 7 but it still freezes on starting windows logo but it is working fine in safe mode I tried to change internal HDD to put in an another laptop it works fine and I was also able to install new window 7 but when I put it back in my laptop it still not working,
    I also tried to change ram,
    I putted 2 new set of pair working 512mb ram in my laptop but it doesn't work faced still the same issue,
    I also tried to update bios but it was already at latest version plus I do not know how to do it,
    I took my laptop to a near by computer technician,
    He tried to remove fan and also clean some stuff, He also applied new pasting on processor and attached it back on and tried every method he can through hardware changes ,window restoring plus some boot repair thing (I don't know) but he also failed to solve the problem,
    Hence I just want to through my laptop into garbage but still want to give it a try,
    Please if anyone can help me out.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,347   +834

    About 10 years old, so it has done well.

    So, I guess from your description:
    - the machine will boot into SAFE MODE and that you can navigate
    - the machine will boot from DVD
    - if you boot from OS disc, it tries to install
    - HDD works properly when tested in another system

    Hanging on Windows Logo strongly suggests a driver issue or an MBR boot sector problem, but it could be RAM.

    I would probably do the following:
    Test RAM from a fresh burned DVD - download bootable memtest86 from Techspot
    Test HDD with downloaded utility from HDD maker
    Wipe partition from HDD with above utility or with diskpart ( )
    Download fresh copy of Windows 7 OS from Microsoft..put on appropriate media... do a clean install after formatting HDD (use the long version, not quick format)

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