Windows 7 query?

By Marty7n
Dec 9, 2010
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  1. Hi i currently have a hewlett packard desktop that is runing windows7 but its hardware is really out of date and not up to speed to keep it operating smoothly enough.

    so here's what i need to do!i need help to know if i am doing this right!

    I have an internal hard drive extension,i will save all pictures,documents etc to this,i want to build a new pc with new hardware,i do not have the drivers for windows 7 as i did no previous building with this computer.where could i download the drivers for windows 7?i have a registration key,can i use this again?
    HOW LONG DOES THE INFORMATION STAY ON THE HARD DRIVE WHILE I HAVE IT PLUGED OUT,DISMANTLING AND RE-BUILDING A NEW PC??and how do i remove O.S and install new O.S from dowlaoded drivers onto discs?IS THIS THE CORRECT STEPS TO DOING THIS?Also would a linux O.S be better for me?i want to really do this properly and learn as i go!1st time around guys!sorry for the long read.

  2. Leeky

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    If your Windows 7 license was supplied by Packard Bell and you intend on building a new computer you will need either a retail or retail OEM license in order to use Windows 7 again. Your Packard Bell license is manufacturer supplied and is likely to work only on those computers by them.

    As long as the hard disk is stored correctly (e.g. not dropped, or exposed to extreme cold/heat) the data in theory will last indefinitely. So you'll be absolutely fine leaving it unplugged until you finish building your new computer.

    If your rebuilding your computer you will be using the drivers supplied with the items you purchase. So you have no need to worry about keeping copies of old drivers. If you'd like to for the sake of keeping them, burn them to a CD or DVD or two, dependant on the sizes. You can download them from Packard Bell online anyway - So not really worth bothering with, especially with Windows 7 that finds 90% of them and self-installs and configures anyway.

    If you haven't used Linux before I strongly recommend against using it as your primary OS unless your prepared to spend the time to learn it properly, and make plenty of mistakes along the way. What I do recommend is running Linux as a "Live session with "persistance" from a USB thumb drive - It will be slower than using it from the hard disk, but you will be able to experience Linux, install software, and try new things without risking corrupting your hard disk in the computer (as it runs solely off of the thumb drive).
  3. Marty7n

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    Well at the moment,i have stored all Videos,pictures,music etc to my HD that i want to keep.

    So on with the build!!!:D

    I understand what you are saying about the windows,that i should probably just invest in my own actual windows 7 package

    i think i'l leave the linux for another while as i am studying java at the moment and requires my learning time as i am new to learning code,language etc

    but have looked into the aspect of things on MICROSOFT,The free Software movement etc,i thought more highly of microsoft until i seen the real picture,but as anyone would say,its what you beleive is the truth

    Thanks Leeky,always a great help

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