Windows 7 screensaver not starting

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Jan 7, 2018
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  1. Hi

    My screensaver on Windows 7 does not start automatically. I did some searching online and did a "clean boot" which worked.... BUT identifying the problem is the tricky part. The screensaver will come up with all the services and startup items enabled, but as soon as I untick the "Hide all Microsoft services" box and enable all of those as well, the screensaver is again not working. The reasons I am asking for help are:
    1. I want to save some time by identifying a common Microsoft service that could be causing the issue
    2. I want to know how do I handle the issue, because I can't just disable any Microsoft service, or can I?
    I would be so greatful if somebody can help me resolve this matter

    Thank you :D
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  2. 333robbie333

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    I have figured out that if I enable all services combined with Microsoft's then it doesn't start, so the service causing the issue is upsMonitor which is actually really important to run. I have two of the same UPS's and on the other PC I don't have this issue. The UPS model I am using is an RCT-850VAS. I am using their monitoring software called "ViewPower" which shuts down the PC safely when a powerfailure occurs. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    Please help me
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  4. Montana

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    If you're running a fairly new computer (10-15 years), screensavers aren't needed anymore. Are you referring to your Windows background?
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  5. holdum323

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  6. Screensavers are needed on CRT monitors.
    Not LED or LCD.
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  7. 333robbie333

    333robbie333 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a lot everyone! I have managed to solve the problem. Somehow, my UPS Monitor Software was causing the issue
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  8. Glad you got it fixed & posting back. :)
    Some don't bother to post back. :(

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