Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit: Drivers for Compaq V2658us?

By pyromaster114
Dec 15, 2009
  1. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit: Drivers for Compaq V2658us? [Solved]

    Okay so I recently upgraded my Compaq V2658us laptop to windows 7 (I had vista on it and was ready to do pretty much anything to get rid of that demon...)

    So I install windows 7, and to my dismay, there are no included device drivers for the video, sound, media card reader, or PCI modem.

    The video card driver issue was solved by simply clicking 'search online for drivers.'

    The other ones, I have not been so lucky.

    I'm currently particularly concerned about the audio driver... followed by my media card reader driver. The modem can go do whatever, I couldn't care less because I don't use the modem.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    The device manager reports the VEN and DEV numbers of the sound card as follows:
    VEN: 1002
    DEV: 4370
    SUBSYS: 3091103C
    REV: 02

    The device manager reports the VEN and DEV numbers of the Mass Storage Controller (Media Card Reader) as follows:
    VEN: 104C
    DEV: 8033
    SUBSYS: 3091103C
    REV: 00

    EDIT: Got the sound driver.
    The installer doesn't work, but if you manually go install the driver from the device manager, it seems to work fine.

    Still need Media Card Reader drivers.

    EDIT: Got the media card reader driver.
    The installer doesn't work but if you manually go install the driver from the device manager it seems to work fine.

    EDIT: Got the touchpad driver too, stops the scroll part frombehaving weird and unuseable:
    The installer works on this one.

    EDIT: Got the modem driver.
    Put it in using the device manager.
  2. tipstir

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    What was the name of the audio driver in your prior OS? If you knew that then you could hunt for the driver online. Go to HP and search for model and serial number to see what was installed on the system for audio. Check with HP to see if they have drivers for the sound. There is a USB to stereo audio bridge to you can use to by-pass the onboard sound but then again on a laptop that would be annoying to have to drag external mini micro speakers around with you.
  3. pyromaster114

    pyromaster114 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 246

    I did look around on HP's site for the driver, and the only luck I had with looking for drivers listed for other computers was the XP-64-bit drivers that can be manually installed.

    Works great though. And I have to say, I'm liking Windows 7 so far on that machine.
    It's an older computer but Windows 7 with the standard (non-transparent) theme makes the thing zip along like it did with a fresh install of XP back in the day.
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