Windows 7 Ultimate: Which A/V Firewall to use?

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Jan 8, 2009
  1. I'm 'evaluating' the latest Beta of Windows 7 Ultimate but found my existing A/V Suite (Outpost/Pro) causes BSOD. Rumor has it that AVG or Kaspersky have compatible products. Any input on this?

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    I find the Wilders Security's "Other Firewalls" forum to be a good resource for such inquiries. I'd try there.
  3. PcAdDiCt44

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    'Other Firewalls'

    Thanks a lot. I'll scope that out.

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    As far as the firewall is concerned, I'd stick it out with the built in one. You shouldn't be running a beta OS as your main system anyway, its for evaluation. I imagine the built in one is at least as good as Vista's and it might be more robust. Even in Vista you can make it block outgoing stuff just like a 3rd party firewall, its just tucked away in a hard to find spot.
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    Thanks for the info. Yep, Win/7 is in Beta on my Laptop. I just didn't want to have it connected to the web without some protection and the Win Firewall has historically been viewed as pretty lame. Perhaps the version in Win/7 is more robust? I might run LeakTest on it to see how it does. In the meantime, I snagged AVG8 which appears to be compatible (so far).
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