Windows 7 won't Shutdown, Sleep, or Hibernate

By king21092
Jan 14, 2011
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  1. I have seen a lot of these topics around, but I can't see to find any that answer the question.

    Windows 7 will will shutdown if I hold down the power button, however it will not shutdown when manually hitting "Shutdown" or just pushing the power button once. Everything looks normal when it's shutting down, it says it's shutting down. The lights on the case and fans go off, the fans shut off, yet a few seconds after the fans shutdown completely, the computer magically starts back up again. So it does shutdown (technically, all the signs are there) but it starts back up.

    Aside from the shutdown feature not working, sleep doesn't work (I don't use hibernate because I don't want to waste SSD write cycles). When I put the computer into sleep mode, it shuts down the fans and lights, however just like the shutdown issue, the computer powers itself back on (wake on LAN is off). Even though it is powered on, it isn't out of sleep mode. None of the peripheral devices work and I can't get the monitors to turn back on, therefore I have to hard boot the computer by holding down the power button. When I turn the computer back on, it is back where I left it before I put it into sleep mode.

    None of this makes since to me so I came here for help.

    Side note: System Restore is turned off.


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