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Windows 7 x64 hates VPN Clients ?

Dec 20, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I have recently installed windows 7 x64 , and i still have problems to cope with, I used to use Cisco VPN client with .psf config files and .#pcks7 certificate files , however this software doesnot work on the x64 version, which is a big problem to me , because in the University in which i am studying , I need a vpn client which works with .psf config files. or openvpn config files. in order to access my personal details on the university server.
    I have googled a lot and tried installing many clients but none of them worked.
    My Question is : Is there any vpn client , that works on win 7 x64 and uses .pcf and .pcks7 config files ? if not how do i configure a software that doesnot work with these configuration files of cisco vpn client ?

    Thnx in advance
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