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Jan 9, 2011
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  1. Good Morning,

    Recently, I purchased a dell XPS 8100 desktop. i7-870 Core with 12 gb of ram. Requiring more power for a newer video card, I upgraded my machine with a 750W Corsair Power supply and an ATI 5870.

    The machine works flawlessly while playing demanding games, however every once in a while, i notice the machine triggers a bug check after a restart. The odd thing is it usually occurs at night and NOT when theres any significant load on the machine. Event log is claiming a Kernel-Power issue.

    As a result, i ran Diagnostics from the Dell partition on my machine. All diagnostics were a pass. So i converted the buglog from the memory dump after the last restart. Although im having trouble reading it, it seems to lead me to a RAM issue. I have attached the .txt log to this post.

    Can someone assist me in reading the log? And just point out what i should be looking for?


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  2. Tmagic650

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    Looks like a ATI driver fault to me. Go to ATI support and download the latest ATI 64-bit driver for your OS and video card model. Are you running Vista or Windows 7?
  3. SuperSixOne625

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    Windows 7 x64....

    That actually is a relief to me as the card that came stock (ATI 5450) had the same problem! The drivers downloaded from the ati-site for the windows 64-bit version are causing incompatibility on this machine.

    In the device manager, the current card is being read as ATI 5800 Series!
  4. Tmagic650

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    If you have the ATI 5870 card installed, the OS should see it as a 5870. Have you run Windows update to see if Windows will detect the proper video driver and possibly install the correct video driver update?
  5. SuperSixOne625

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    Nope..... detects as HD 5800 Series..... i will do some more investigation tonight after work.... and report back.
  6. SuperSixOne625

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    Prior to completely removing all the ATI drivers and cleaning with Drive Sweeper, I got an BSOD with BUGCHECK_DRIVER_USB fault. Here is the updated log....

    At this point in time, the system had not been changed from when I first reported the issue.

    I have since removed all of the ATI Crap (Control Panel, etc.) and just gone with the straight 10.4 Display Driver. Can someone shed some light on what might be going on here?

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